Пневмоприводы Actreg

ACTREG, established in 1992, is a multinational company specialised in the manufacture and sales of high quality actuators for valves requiring a rotary quarter turn movement for either On/Off or modulating duty. The expertise and know how has made ACTREG leaders in actuation technology.

ACTREG provides world coverage thanks to the strategic locations of its factories and offices. The international distribution secures quick availability and more important, personalized service for valve manufacturers, valve stockists and contractors.

We are a manufacturer of rack and pinion aluminium housing actuators with torque figures up to 6,500 Nm and scotch yoke actuators for heavy duty service up to 250,000 Nm. Our products offer reliable and dependable service for ¼ turn valves.

Engineered and built to withstand most of the applications and environmental conditions, the precision in design and quality provides a long and safe operational performance in valve control.

ACTREG has invested in quality assurance, state-of-the-art machining and testing facilities in order to assist customers in safely controlling their processes.

ACTREG engineers are happy to help you with your automation demands. 
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